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Road Map


April 2017

Service Provider for Offline Wallets

October 2017

First Trezer Global Blockchain


March 2018

Start Research in Blockchain, IOT, AR, VR

July 2018

Hardware Multi Currency Storage Wallet Launch ( Android & IOS )

September 2018

Planning of Business Module and Team Development


January 2019

Trezer.io (Beta Version)

February 2019

Trezer Global Platform Launch

April 2019

Arbitrage Testing V.1.1

June 2019

Online Debit Card Launch

September 2019

Arbitrage Launch

November 2019

TZE Token Release

November 2019

Trezer Market Web Version

November 2019

Coin Market Web Version

December 2019

Airdrop Live

December 2019

Trezer Wallet App (Decentralized Multi Currency Wallet Launch)

December 2019

CoinMarket Place App (Trusted source for all Exchanges)


January 2020

Fork Delta ( TZE)

January 2020

Ether Delta ( TZE)

Feburary 2020

Trading Bot Launch

March 2020

TZE Digital Crypto Card

April 2020

Launch of V.1.0 on Mainnet with Public Liquidity reserve

June 2020

Instant Cryptocurrency swap using Trezer Coin